The Basic Package

We meet for a short time and you tell us about the car you would like us to buy for you.  We then spend the next week and search ALL of the local dealerships and find the best deals for you.  We negotiate the best prices and then come back to you with the best options for you to make a decision.  We then contact the dealership and set an appointment for you to go buy your car.  This is the best package for those who are paying cash for a car, or already have their financing figured out, and who wish to buy local.  

The Extended Area Package

This is the same as the Basic package but we extend our search to a statewide and/or even a nationwide search.  This package like the basic is for those who already have their financing worked out, but are willing to travel to buy their car or have their car shipped to them from a distance.  If having the car shipped we will help make arrangements for the car to be delivered to your house.  Many times dealerships will even be willing to have the paperwork sent to you and you sign everything from the comfort of your own couch.

Premium Concierge Service

This all-inclusive service is for those who want us to help with getting your financing in order as well as the car shopping experience.  We begin by helping you get pre-approved for a car loan at the best rates possible according to your credit strength.  Then we help you find the right car same as our Extended Area Package.

Used Car Package

Our fourth service is for those who are looking for a used car.  We will spend more time discussing the type of car you wish to buy and then will search all over the local area to find the perfect match for you.  Again, we will negotiate and then bring you the three best options for your consideration.  Because the used car market is so extensive and the pricing so varied depending on the type of car you wish to get we charge just a flat fee for this service. $500.00

Exclusive Car Finder service

Our final package is for those shoppers looking for an exclusive luxury car or a rare gem.  Many times these cars are hard to get or find.  We will do a nationwide search and reach out to dealerships on your behalf finding the exact car you are looking for.  We will also attempt to negotiate the price for you and get the best deal possible. The price for this service is dependent upon the type and cost of the car you are searching for.