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My name is Jay Hernandez. I have owned many cars in the last 34 years. It all started with a Datsun B10 hatchback. I have owned Toyotas, Hondas, a Buick, a Dodge truck, Nissan and Chevy cars. Just like you I do not like shopping for cars. Over the last four years I have found myself working in the car industry both as a salesman and a car broker. This intimate look behind the curtain has given me some great experience and insight in how to buy a car and get the best prices available. I know what it is like to try to get something that meets your needs, fits your budget, and looks good.

As a father and husband I want the best for my family. I am sure if you are reading this you can relate. Let me use my experience and knowledge to make your next car buying experience a great one.

Whether you are looking for a Brand New family car, a new used car for your family or a high-end luxury car I can help.


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